Return to Skating

We are still waiting to hear from West Walsall E-Act Academy (WWEA) as to when we can start back, however, we have found another hall in Willenhall to start our return.

We have produced a risk assessment which has been approved by our Governing body.  They have stipulated a number of rules we need to abide by which have implications that may affect whether skaters decide to return to classes.

  1. A maximum number of skaters/coaches per class/social distancing/cleaning. This means that:
  • classes will be reduced by 10 minutes to allow for cleaning.
  • we need to limit the time everyone skates per week so that all members get a chance to skate – we are aiming for

– 2 x 50-minute sessions for competitive skaters,
– 1x 80-minute for advanced recreational skaters
– 1 x 50-minutes for our basic skills skaters.

  • family members /siblings will skate at the same time as each other even if of different standards.
  • we will be doing “Skating skills” rather than grades during our basic skills classes as our bubbles will be of different standards.
  • our fee structure will need to increase to ensure we cover our costs. It has been calculated that we will need to make the following changes to fees:
    • without skate hire – £12 per month per 50 minutes skated per week (was £10)
    • with skate hire. – £15 per month per 50 minutes skated per week (was £13)
    • There will be no sibling discount
    • There will be no cap on fees
    • These fees will be reviewed when things return to normal.
  1. No beginners unless they can skate unassisted and have their own skates.
  1. No Skater Hire – The good news is that those who have a pair of skates allocated to them are classed as having their own skates. The bad news is that we don’t have anyone to store the skates, so the skates will need to be taken out on long-term hire to allow them to take the skates away with them. We do have some spare skates that we can allocate to those who haven’t already been allocated a pair.  Long-term hire is £20 per pair of skates. This will be returned when the skates are returned.  Click here if you would like to take out our long term hire skates
  1. No Parents in the building unless they are skaters/part of the coaching team. This may cause issues for younger skaters.
  1. Other rules from FARS and the Sports Centre:
  • Skaters to arrive changed ready to skate
  • Skaters must bring all their own equipment
  • Skaters will need to be able to lace up their own skates
  • Skaters must wear a face covering from outside the building to the hall (unless exempted) They don’t need to skate in a face covering.
  • Skaters temperatures must be taken by a member of the coaching team before they can enter the building.
  • Skaters should not attend if they have any symptoms of Covid-19 / have been in contact with anyone with symptoms/ in the last 14 days returned from/passed through a country currently on the UK Governments quarantine list. (We will try to sort out extra classes to make up for those missed)
  • Skaters should avoid using mobile phones in the hall
  • No eating in the hall.
  • Only 1 skater in the toilets at a time.
  • No cash payments

We also know that some of you have to be extra careful due to the underlying health issues of someone in your household.

Given the changes above, we ask that you complete the questionnaire below so that we can sort out skating bubbles.

Walsall, West Midlands & Cheslyn Hay, Staffordshire