Long Term Skate Hire – Policy and Sign up form

Long-Term Skate Hire Policy.

The Club will try its best to make skates available on a hire basis for those skaters who have no suitable skates of their own. The junior members of the club shall have priority in the allocation of hired skates.

Skater’s own skates.

  • There are no restrictions upon skaters using their own skates whether in-line or quad skates, however, if a coach decides that a skater is wearing skates that are unsuitable for artistic roller skating, unsafe or dangerous he may require the skater to remove them.
  • All skaters may buy their own equipment however the Club recommends discussing this with a coach before buying as cheap skates are often a false economy. The Club recommends that advanced skaters and Adult Skaters purchase their own equipment as suitable equipment may not always be available on a hire basis.

Skate Hire

  • The club will (subject to availability) provide hire skates to skaters who request them at its sole discretion.
  • Beginners will be offered “blue and yellow” skates. When the coach is satisfied the skater may be moved on to white or black skates.  Where possible these white or black skaters will be allocated to a skater for their exclusive use.   Monthly fees are adjusted for those who hire skates.
  • As a general rule, it is expected that Club skates will remain on Club premises. A member who has a good reason for doing so may, at the discretion of a Committee member, be permitted to take their skates home with them. The Club will require the member to pay a refundable deposit of £20 and to complete the declaration attached to this policy.
  • Skaters must wear boot covers on white or black skates hired.
  • If without good reason or notice a skater ceases to attend sufficient sessions then white/black skates may be withdrawn.

Care and Use of Hire Skates.

 A member who has paid the deposit and has taken their skates home with them may (subject to the provisions immediately below) use them elsewhere.

  • The skating surface must be suitable. On no account may they be used outdoors or on any surface which might damage the wheels.
  • Usage elsewhere must be fair. The skater must do the majority of his/her skating with the club.

Return of Skates.

A skater who has been hired skates and has removed them from the Club must immediately return them upon any of the following:

  • The skater ceases to be a member of the club.
  • The Committee reasonably believes the skater is taking insufficient care of them.
  • The Skater is using them so infrequently that in the opinion of the Committee it does not justify the skater having sole use of them.
  • The Club inventory manager wishes to inspect and/or maintain them.
  • The Committee considers that the Skater ought to purchase their own skates.
  • The Skater uses the skates at another venue/venues so frequently that in the opinion of the committee such use constitutes an abuse of the hire terms.

Return of the Deposit

The deposit paid by a Member under this policy is returnable if, and only if:

  • The Skates are returned to the club in (excepting fair wear and tear) the state they in which they were initially hired.
  • The member returns the skates promptly when requested to do so.

Walsall, West Midlands & Cheslyn Hay, Staffordshire