Guide to Buying Skates

Thinking of buying skates?

Take a look at the guide below produced by another club:-

Buying new skates can be extremely confusing but that is what your coach is there for, coaches are not there to make you spend unnecessary amounts of money, we aren’t on commission and we want the best for you and your kids at the best price too. Below is a quick guide for newcomers skating their grades and wanting to progress from just skating about into artistic skating

A) ‘Disco boots’ approx. £35-£55 these are great for anyone wanting to go along to public sessions and skate about with friends for exercise and fun.

B) ‘Look alike Artistic Boots’ approx.. £45-£70. These are slightly better than the above and if the plates aren’t plastic, can be adjusted to help skaters progress further up the grades. They are not artistic skates but are designed to look like an artistic boot. The toe stops aren’t height adjustable so are shorter than actual artistic skates, and whilst it is possible to progress so far with these, and get through a majority of grades and learn jumps, if a skater want to take their skating more seriously these are not a great choice. Also, they are not generally leather so please make sure they are done up tight to support the ankle

C) ‘Hornet or Cadet Set’ approx.. £150-£200. These ARE artistic boots. These will see you through all your grades, first dances and single jumps (although these are only recommended for children as the fibre plate would probably not support an adults weight). the toe-stop and actions are adjustable to each skaters’ weight and style, they edge and provided good ankle protection and support. You can ONLY buy these type of skate through a supplier (if they are for sale in a shop, they aren’t artistic skates).

D) ‘Competition Sets’ approx.. £200 upwards. These are a stronger, more advanced set with metal, alloy or titanium plates. Everything is adjustable to the individual and the boots are full leather or suede and come in different stiffness ratings. You can buy pre-mounted sets from suppliers although you have the option to choose your plates, wheels, boots, bearing, stoppers etc. and they build them for you. Competition skates, if looked after properly will last for years and hold their value very well, so even if you outgrow them, there will always be someone coming up behind you in the club willing to buy them off you or you can sell them to other clubs online. “

Walsall Artistic Roller Skating club is one of only a few clubs which has a supply of type D skates for hire. DO NOT BUY A, B or C skates. Just use our hire skates until you decide roller skating is the sport for you then save up for the competition sets (Type D).

Most competitive skates are produced abroad so be careful to ensure you are buying the correct size boot.  The Chart below should help.


We recommend Skater mate complete set.    Click on the links below

Up to size 5     Size 6 and upwards

The configuration below is the specification we would usually choose for our floor:





They offer a free boot widening service for those with wide feet.

Always speak to a coach first.  They might be aware of current discount codes, a second hand pair of skates that may be available, or someone else you could order with to share the shipping costs.

It is an idea to try the boots before you buy. Some of our skaters have visited Evolution Skates in Cannock

Second Hand Skates.

A good second hand pair of skates is another option.   These are available from various sources:

Try to get pictures of the ware on the front of the boot, inside the boot, the wheels and the toe stops. Also, make sure you buying Free Skating Boots, and wheels (as opposed to dance or figure skates)

Long Term Hire

Skater mate offer a long term hire option which although works out more expensive long-term, is a good way to spread the cost.


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