Club Competition – Sat 31st Jan 2015

There will be no class on Saturday the 31st January as we are holding our first club competition and FARS 6 grade tests.   For those taking part in the competition or tests we are aiming for the following timings:-

9.30am – Set up of sports hall for competition (Coaches and those who have offered to help)

9.45am – Skaters taking FARS grade 6 to arrive and get ready.

10.00am – FARS grades to commence on the 2 badminton courts closest to the climbing hall.   Anyone wishing to watch the FARS grades please do so from the upstairs viewing gallery.

10.45am – Competition skaters should arrive and get ready outside of the sports hall.

10.55am – Doors open for competition skaters and spectators.    If FARS grades are still in progress please be quiet and avoid the coned area.

11.00am – Warm-up for all skaters.

11.10am – Warm-up for skaters in first event. (2 minutes) followed by first event.    Skaters in each subsequent event will get 2 minutes warm-up before their event

11.55am – Exhibition by Emily Westwood

12.00pm – General Skate. For competitors and anyone who has their skates with them!

(During this time we will be adding up the marks and working out the results!)

12.15pm – Raffle and Presentation.

Event format – Each skater will perform the free skating programme they have been practicing. Only the 3 basic elements “Spin, Spiral (arabesque) and Jump” will be judged.   They will also be judged on how they skate to the music. Skaters will be split into events based on the basic skill certificate that have obtained and in some cases age. Medals will be awarded for 1st, 2nd & 3rd in each event.

Images. Feel free to take photos or video of your child performing but please do not use the flash as this may distract them. There will also be an opportunity to take photographs at the end of the event. We would ask that you do not share videos on social media sites such as Facebook. Adrian will be videoing the event and taking some photos. Please let him know if have any objections.

Dress Code for skaters. There is no dress code, however girls/ ladies may want to wear skating dresses (basically a leotard with a skirt) and tights or black top and black leggings. Boys may want to wear skating trousers.   Some skaters have white leotards from the show which they can wear and we have a few skating dresses for sale. You could also try dance shops, decathlon or online.

Raffle Prizes. We would really appreciate it if you have any donations for the raffle. We have already received a few unwanted Christmas presents!   All monies raised will help to cover the cost of the day.

Applause.   Please give the skaters plenty of support. For most of them, it will be their first skating competition. For those of you who have not attended a roller skating competition before, it’s very similar to ice skating; you applaud skaters as they come onto the rink, when they perform an element well , if they fall, you applaud them when they get up and finally you applaud when them have finished!

Finally, please bear with us as it is our first time Walsall Artistic Roller Skating Club has organised a competition like this!

Walsall, West Midlands & Cheslyn Hay, Staffordshire